Herbal Medicine
Herbal Medicine
Living Water Holistic Health Offers: Family Medicine... Sports Medicine... Injury Care & Chronic Pain Relief...
Living Water Holistic Health Offers:     Family Medicine...     Sports Medicine...     Injury Care & Chronic Pain Relief...


Welcome to Living Water Holistic Health with:

Dr. Kim Fliegel






We aid you in achieving:    *  Symptom Relief       *  Renewed Health       *  Optimal Function


Serving the front range with over 20 years of experience!

Family Medicine 

Sick and Tired?  At The End of Your Rope?  Tried Everything?

We specialize in finding the root cause of the imbalance causing the condition whether acute or chronic.  Customizing your plan to wellness,  We strategize ways to implement healing programs into your life style to make it "do-able".

Safe, effective, individualized care for the whole family. 

You really can feel good again!!

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Sports Medicine

Get Back In The Game Quickly! No Drugs. No Surgery.  Just Real Results, Fast!

With any injury, the body goes through complex mechanisms in attempting repair. It is CRITICAL that ALL these mechanisms are suported correctly. Otherwise, compensations result and predisposition to further injury and structural imbalances ensue.

Accelerated healing techniques are employed using the latest state-of-the-art tools and appraoach.

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Injury Care & Chronic Pain Relief

There is hope!   Here's why...

There are usually several components or  "KEYS" to EVERY condition, chronic pain and difficult to heal injuries.  Most of them are hidden.  We specialize in finding the "hidden" factors and implement accelerated healing therapies that are gentle, yet highly effective. 

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We are dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals to improve your quality and quantity of life!


Combining skills and expertise, we are committed to bringing you better health and function naturally by teaching and practicing

the true principals of the wellness lifestyle.


Because you are a unique individual, we synergistically combine and integrate the best therapies available in order

to meet your needs on all levels and provide supportive care for all types of conditions.


We make every effort to maximize your potential for optimal health by combining the latest technology and research

with age-old wisdom.


We offer a 30 minute free constultation in person or by phone so you can make an informed decision regarding your health care.


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Healing depends on a strong foundation based on ALL the "Pillars of Health"...

"Putting the peices of the puzzle together for optimal health and function."



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