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Laser, Neurology & N.M.R.E.

                                                                             (Neuro-Muscular Re-Education)




     The therapeutic low level cold laser is FDA approved and studies have been well documented for wound healing, physical therapy, nerve regeneration and pain management.  Many scientific studies have shown that different types of cells and
different organs respond to different frequencies.  Several specific frequencies can be programmed into the laser thus effecting several types of cells and functions simultaneously.  Our clinic uses the Erchonia PL5000 which is the most advanced laser on the market.


     Coherent energy is critical when treating the body.  Dr. Herbert Frolich, a renown physicist specializing in biological coherence, realized that the living matrix produced coherent or laser-like oscillations that integrate and coordinate processes such as growth, injury repair, defense and the functioning of the organism as a whole.  The whole field of chemical analysis by spectroscopy reveals that there is a fundamental duality between chemical structure and coherent oscillations.  Normally cellular oscillation is very stable.  When a cell or group of cells shift frequency, entraining signals from neighboring cells
will tend to install the correct frequency.  However, if a sufficient number of cells get out of step, stability is lost and, loss of coherence leads to disease and dysfunction and impairs the healing process. 
Research suggests that a normal healthy cell will resonate at a wavelength of 635 nanometers.  When the body is injured or diseased, cells shift frequency.  The cold laser emits a coherent wavelength of between 630-640 nanometers which
stimulate DNA replication, cell division and optimum cellular oscillation.  This in turn accelerates the healing process by returning all the cells to optimum resonance.
Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy
• Increases overall circulation as well as micro circulation to hypoxic areas (trigger points)
• Increases oxygenation utilization
• Increases procollagen synthesis
• Increases immunological response
• Stimulates DNA replication and cell division accelerating healing
• Stimulates activity of nerve cells
• Increases lymphatic movement and drainage
• Stimulates proper organ function
• Increases permeability of cell membranes for better nutrient/waste exchange
• Increases mitochondria production of ATP (energy made in the cell) which help

  muscles relax
• Decreases inflammation
• Decreases pain & muscle spasms
Neurological testing is done to determine if myotomes (nerve roots) and nerve paths

are functioning properly.


Article Appearing In The Dermatology Times Illustrates Healing With The Low Level Cold Laser


Black tissue is necrosed or dead.  Low level laser studies have shown that the laser stimulates angiogenesis and neurogenesis (regrowth of veins/arteries and nerves). 
The picture below was taken from the back page of this article.  Published Dec. 2002, vol. 23 No. 12 For more information regarding laser studies go to: www.erchonia.com 


(Neuromuscular Re-education)

     Neuromuscular Re-education is a form of physical therapy that incorporates laser technology accelerating the rehabilitation process ensuring the proper use of muscles during exercise.  The old adage "if you don't use it, you loose it" rings true when it comes to the correct use of muscles.  When muscle compensation takes place, which is common, muscles and/or muscle groups begin to function differently than their original designation.  In other words, the muscles are doing a job their not suppose to do.  A pattern is set up through the nervous system where compensations persist and the brain literally "forgets" how the muscle is suppose to be used correctly. 

     In turn, nerve stimulus to parts of the muscle are reduced, furthering muscle compensations.  Muscle compensation leads to inefficiency and sometimes structural imbalance and can predispose the athlete/individual to injury. Think about this, if compensation is occurring, then strength training and ordinary physical therapy reinforces
the compensations in a never ending cycle.

     In N.M.R.E. effected muscle/muscles are isolated and then utilizing the laser directly to each isolated muscle, the athlete is directed through isometric exercises.  What happens is that the laser stimulates nerve response, and correct neural pathways to that muscle or muscles are re-established.  The brain is being retrained how to use the muscle/muscles correctly.  Once proper muscle use is established, then strengthening begins. 

     The laser is used in a broad beam which encompasses the muscle groups to the effected area.  Because of the beneficial effects the laser has on the body, it accelerates the strengthening process
for the muscles and connective tissue.




Magnet Field Therapy

Magnets on both sides of knee with laser therapy.

     Magnetic Field Therapy can be applied in many ways, and devices range from small, simple magnets to large machines capable of generating high magnitudes of field strength.  Magnets and electromagnetic devices penetrate the whole body and can treat every type of tissue facilitating the healing process without side effects.  Scientific studies demonstrate that the body concentrates negative electromagnetic energy at the site of an injury for healing. 

     If the body succeeds in sending enough negative magnetic energy to the injury, then it will heal more readily.  However, in most cases the body simply does not supply and maintain enough negative magnetic energy at the injury site to facilitate healing.  This is because the body has some limitations - based on its own energy capacity - of how much negative magnetic energy it can generate.  Adding a negative magnetic field source

of sufficient strength from outside the body can

provide anti-stressful energy for healing to occur.

     It is important to understand that we are bombarded every day by electromagnetic fields (EMF) which are emitted from all electrical appliances, computers, cell phones, florescent lighting, electrical wiring in homes and automobiles, power lines, and micro and radio waves.  The human body produces an electromagnetic field generated by the chemical reactions within the cells and the ionic currents of the nervous system.  External EMF's as mentioned above, have a deleterious effect on our own bioelectrical magnetic field in the sense that they (EMF's) disturb the brain's natural resonant frequencies, thus weakening our nervous system, leading to cellular fatigue, which in turn impairs our ability to generate negative magnetic energy for healing.  Scientific evidence concludes that the exposure of living organisms to abnormal electromagnetic fields (EMF) results in significant abnormalities in physiology and function, contributing to disease. 
Benefits of Magnetic Field Therapy
• Reduces pain and inflammation
• Facilitates cellular repair aiding the healing of broken bones and other injuries
• Increases immune function
• Increases detoxification

• Increases circulation and oxygenation
• Balances pH
• Inhibits microorganism replication (slows down infections)
• Governs rest, relaxation and sleep
• Evokes proper hormone production
• Reduces free radicals
• Balances the nervous system and electrical activity of the brain

Vagal Nerve Stimulation

10 Minutes of Vagal Nerve Stimulation relaxes the same as 8- one hour massages. 

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Did You Know?

Autoimmune disorders and chronic inflammation are directly connected to the "Leaky Gut Syndrome."


In addition, there are usually several other offending factors causing the autoimmune response,  including vaccines and    GMO foods.


In removing the offending factors, autoimmune responses can be reversed and autoimmune diseases can be slowed dramatically.


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